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"Atlantis Endgame" by Andre Norton and Sherwood Smith (coming Sep 2015)

"Echoes in Time" by Andre Norton and Sherwood Smith (coming Sep 2015)

"The Path to Hope" by Stephane Hessel and Edgar Morin (Mar, 2014)


A short, incisive political tract that criticizes the culture of finance capitalism and calls for a return to the humanist values of the enlightenment: equality, liberty, freedom as defined in the Declaration of the Rights of Man, a return to community, mutual respect, freedom from poverty, and an end to theocracy and fundamentalism. The authors argue that a return to these values constitutes “a path to hope,” leading the way out of the present worldwide malaise brought on by economic collapse, moral failure, and an ignorance of history.
For the authors, 20th-century fascism was no mere abstraction—it was a brutal system brought on by a similar malaise, a system they fought against. This gives their book special urgency. The Path to Hope is written by two esteemed French thinkers—94-year-old Stephane Hessel and 90-year-old Edgar Morin, following on the heels of Hessel’s Indignez-vous! (Time for Outrage!). Both books have become best sellers in France and throughout Europe. Both have also become foundational documents underpinning the worldwide protest movement of which Occupy Wall Street is the American subset.

"Life Inside the Bubble" by Dan Bongino (Jan, 2014)


He swore to take a bullet for the President and left it all behind to take a bullet for the American people. Why would a successful, twelve-year Secret Service agent resign his position in the prime of his career to run for political office against all the odds?
New York Times bestseller, Life Inside the Bubble is an intimate look at life inside the presidential "bubble," a haze of staffers, consultants, cronies, acolytes, bureaucrats and lobbyists that creates the "alternate reality" in which monumental policy decisions are made. And it is the story of a dedicated Secret Service professional who, after years inside the "bubble," walked away in favor of sounding a clarion call to the American people in defense of sane government and the U.S. Constitution.
Finally, why the Fast & Furious scandal, the bombings in Boston and the terrorist attacks in Benghazi are harbingers of what's to come without a bold change in direction.
Take the journey with Dan Bongino from the tough streets of New York City where he was raised, and later patrolled as a member of the NYPD, to the White House as a member of the elite Presidential Protective Division, through his ultimate decision to resign from the Secret Service - during the Obama Administration - in the prime of his career to run for the United States Senate against the feared Maryland Democratic machine. Follow his experiences inside the Washington, D.C., matrix and discover why a government filled with some incredibly dedicated people nevertheless continues to make such frequent and tragic mistakes.


  1. Hi Mark, How is it going with the Shure PG42 USB microphone? I read on another of your blogs that you were giving this mic a try. You've mentioned being 'mouthy' in the past which is also a problem I have when recording. I've been using a Blue Yeti for the past 3 years but I've been thinking of trying some other mics to see if I can cut down on the mouth noise and, thus, my editing time. Like you, I've discovered that 'punch and roll' doesn't really work for me. Thanks for any info. Cheers! Lee Ann http://leeannhowlett.com

  2. Hi Lee Ann! I have been using the PG42USB for my pro readings and I'm getting better with it. It has features that bear experimentation - like the 15dB "pad" that can be toggled on or off to change its input sensitivity. I find I'm recording on Audacity on a software sensitivity of 3 (scale of 100!) which makes further adjustment limited. I've also schooled myself to consciously control silent breath unless the character's emotions encourage audibility. With practice I've cut down on lipsmacks. It helps to keep a water bottle at hand and re-moisten my mouth and lips periodically.

  3. Hi Mark, Thanks for your response! I'd prefer to stick with a USB mic but find myself wondering if the Yeti is 'too' sensitive. I know what you mean about trying different methods for the mouth noise. I use water, throat sprays, chapstick, pectin pops and anything else that I think might help. Some days I'm just 'mouthier' than other days. :) The Shure PG42 is another mic I'm adding to my list to try. Thanks again! Lee Ann