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"Invasion! War of Two Worlds" by Robert Reginald (Jun 29, 2012)

"When the first Martian capsule lands, Alex Smith is drawn to the scene out of curiosity and wonder. But soon he must flee, when the great alien striders begin devastating the countryside and harvesting the living bodies of men and women to drain their blood. Smith wanders south, being drafted into the Army, witnessing major battles between the Martians and the American troops, and following the trail of destruction all the way to San Francisco. There he finds a city deserted of human life. Mankind seems doomed, unless... "


Orca Book Publishers


Orca is producing audiobooks to go with some of their picturebooks.

I finished this group in Mar 2012.

"Doors in the Air" by David Weale
"Kishka for Koppel" by Aubrey Davis
"The Matatu" by Eric Walters
"Night Boy" by Anne Carter & Ninon Pelletier

 I finished this group in Oct 2011.

"Richard Was a Picker" by Carolyn Beck

"Mechanimals" by Chris Tougas
"Pierre le Poof" by Andrea Beck
"Elliot's Fire Truck" by Andrea Beck